6 Dogs - Energy

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  • Дата релиза: 16-02-2020 г.
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Текст песни (Слова)
Pretty Pacc
Yeah, 6 Dogs, yeah, we in this thing
Oh, you flexing things? Yeah, you flexing things
Yeah, you flexing things
Yeah, it's a dream team
Energy, energy, energy
I can't stand that energy
They hate on me, they hate on me, they hate on me
Probably 'cause we got that good energy
Money guap, money guap, money guap
I be counting knots, yeah, I be counting big knots
Money talk, money talk, money talk
Guap got a big mouth, guap like to talk a lot
Energy, energy, energy
I can't stand that energy
Money talk, money talk, money talk
My money got a big mouth, my money like to talk a lot
I got popping off of a soda, cream soda, that's my Faygo
They spread hate like Corona, I got bands like I'm Bezos
6 Dogs, I'm just normal, but I don't go where they go
I might tour 'cross the country, I might whip a Winnebago
I be counting good guap, guap so good, it got a Halo
On my neck is frozen rocks, kinda look like Colorado
I just saw a Porsche commercial, I might cop some Forgiatos
Switch it up, yeah, I'm feeling kinda tweaky
Can't get enough, yeah, your energy I need it
We speeding up, time flies in the function
Yeah, and we always up to something
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